The Show!

I just got back from summer camp in Ojai, which was only made possible by all of you who helped out and/or donated to helptheproject.

The last few times in Ojai, the majority of campers were teenage girls. This time the majority were boys under 13 - a totally different energy. Our junior counselors were three teenagers whom I've known since they were about nine, and who are now about to go off to college.

The sky was perfect cloudless blue, and the fields were full of rabbits and gophers. One day I took the kids into town and bought them books at a used bookshop, and later that night found them all stealthily reading in bed with flashlights. Another night we hauled blankets out to a field, lay down, and watched the Pleiades meteor shower. We saw two of the most spectacular meteors I've ever seen: wide streaks of blue-white light blazing across the sky, one ending in an exploding fireball.

Highlights of the plays include a doo-wop chorus of forest animals, a talking shrimp's plot to launch a media empire of reality shows, and a play whose plot would fit perfectly into the "awesomely depressing" mode of YA novels ("Kids! Remember that pranks can kill!"), but is executed so beautifully that it made me cry every damn time I saw it.

The One-on-Ones!
"Saved by the Bell"

8 short original plays performed by kids and adults!

Friday, Aug. 20 at 7:30
Saturday, Aug. 21 at 3:00 and 7:30

24th Street Theatre
1117 W. 24th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(at Hoover just south of the 10 freeway)
For maps and parking information:

For reservations and more information, call 310-264-4224
Pay-what-you-can / $5 suggested donation

Young Actors: Spencer Gonzalez, Faviola Carrillo, Jasmine Cortez, Jose Cortez, Edward Hernandez, Tycho Horan, Amanda Jacobson, Kendall Johnson, Abner Santiago, and Nastasia Smith.

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Saved by the Bell!

I just got a postcard from the Virginia Avenue Project for "Saved by the Bell," the One-on-One summer camp and theatre festival which you all helped save, and which I will be stage managing in August.

It notes the times and dates: August 20 at 7:30, August 21 at 3 and 7:30, at the 24th Street Theatre at 1117 W. 24th St. in Los Angeles, at Hoover south of the 10 freeway. Come if you're in the area!

To my total surprise, it reads, "The Virginia Avenue Project, Amy Brenneman, Rachel Manija Brown, and everyone who participated in Rachel's online auction to save the One-on-Ones present..."

These are the kids who will be spending a week in the country rehearsing a ten-minute play written just for them:

Elisa Aquino, Jasmine Cortez, Jose Cortez, Frank Gress, Edward Hernandez, Kendall Johnson, Abner Santiago, and Nastasia Smith. Faviola Carrillo and Tycho Horan, veteran Project kids who are now nearly adults, will be the camp counselors.

We did it!

A private donor made up the difference between the auction totals and the amount needed to run the One-on-Ones, so it looks like the kids will be getting their summer camp and show this year after all!

Thank you very much for all of your help! (And if you haven't yet made your payment or contacted your auction winner, please do so.)

!!Mod Note!! Bidding is Closed!

Bidding is closed! Thank you all very much for your participation!

Sellers, please comment to winning bids to say that winners have won.

Winners, please donate the amount of your winning bid and send confirmation to your seller. If you want to write a check to the Project, we'll either go by the honor system or you can send it directly to me, whichever your seller prefers.

Offer: One of my stream-of-consciousness DbS reviews

OFFERED: An idiosyncratic, probably-detailed, stream of consciousness set of reading notes for your choice of a fiction book under ~700 pages or up to a dozen volumes of a manga series. Please see also the restrictions in the NOTES.

WHY THIS COULD BE A COOL OFFER: I started posting my "Distracted by Shadows" reviews of Brust's Dragaera novels on the newsgroup rec.arts.sf.written, and my random musing sparked a lot of interesting discussions (true, you'd have to repost my review somewhere with an audience big enough to get critical mass for a discussion). I also did this for other books. Google Groups now sucks so it is hard to find them, but here is one for Cyteen. If you're the author, you might get a kick to see my reaction to your book. papersky burst out laughing at my DbS for The Prize in the Game and asked if I ever thought about doing copyedits professionally; rachelmanija also asked if I would be interested (time and energy permitting, hell yeah!) in going over her next book when I DbSed her autobiography.

DELIVERY: One year, on my LJ. Every $10 above $100 gets you one month earlier delivery, for a soonest delivery of within 3 months.


  1. No Brust novels or the Fruits Basket series; they're already in think-about-it queue.
  2. Nothing by Greer Gilman; her dense prose takes me 3x the time to read.
  3. Your choice must be easily available to me via Amazon at normal prices or you must supply me with reading copies.
I am somewhat fond of this colour.

Offered: TIM TAMS (Australian chocolate biscuits)

Offer: I will put together a box of four packets of Tim Tams. The varieties currently available are listed here, so if you win, you can let me know what you'd like.

If bidding goes above the 'buy it now' price, I'll increase the number of packets, or include a plushie/figurine/thing of an Australian native animal or bird (depending on which works better in terms of packing/shipping).

Contact: My email is in my user info.

Delivery: I will get in contact with you about mailing details, and send the parcel by no later than the end of April. Please do not bid if you are unable to receive food items sent internationally. I will assume that if you bid, you can receive what I send.

Minimum bid: $25

Buy It Now: $75 n.a.

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Offered: Book: The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner

Offer: one signed hardcover copy of Ellen Kushner's The Privilege of the Sword, personally autographed to you.

Contact: ellen_kushner is offering this book, but I'm handling the auction for her. So, if you have questions or are the winner, you should contact me at racheline AT gmail DOT com.

Delivery: Ellen will cover shipping and we'll get it out to you within a week of getting confirmation of your donation.

Minimum bid: $10.
Jazz Fish

Offered: Coraline Nike Dunks (Mens 10)

OFFER: A pair of limited-edition Coraline-themed Nike Dunks, created as a promo for the Academy-Award-nominated movie and given away in a prize drawing. A small amount of information and a photo can be seen here. (These are NOT the super-limited edition with the oversized buttons that you may have seen elsewhere on the net.)

Worn once, at which time I determined that they were far too narrow for my 9.5EEEE feet and put them back in their box until I could find a good use for them.

Includes black laces (currently laced in the shoes), dark blue and vibrant blue laces (in plastic bags), and a promo postcard featuring a drawing of Coraline on one side and "Congratulations on winning!" boilerplate on the other.

US mens size 10, which according to the box translates to "UK 9, CM 28, BR 42, EUR 44." Be aware that these are Nikes, which means they'll be on the narrow side.

CONTACT: jazzfishzen at EDIT google's email service

BUY IT NOW: $200

(edited to strip reference to email)