EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY ANNOYANCE (telophase) wrote in helptheproject,

Offered: Locally Roasted Coffee

This auction is offered in response to a request in the request post.

Offer: This auction is for two individually-packed pounds of coffee of your choice (blends, roast, and grind) from the local-to-me micro-roaster Aduro Bean Micro-roasters, which I will mail to you once the auction closes. (I may have to mail-order them myself, if they don't have the combo you want at the farmer's market I go to, so it may be up to 2-3 weeks.)

I don't drink coffee myself, but my boyfriend is a coffee snob with his own burr grinder and French press and swears by Aduro's beans. We usually pick the coffee up at a nearby farmer's market, but they also do mail-order if you fall in love with it. Check the website linked above for the blends they carry: if you don't like dark, dark coffee, my boyfriend recommends the Nutty Blonde or El Salvador. I cannot guarantee availability of their special reserves. You can get the coffee in whole bean (recommended) or in a variety of grinds if you don't own a grinder.

If you are not in the U.S. please check your country's mailing regulations for foodstuffs before bidding. I cannot be held responsible if the package is confiscated at the border.

Starting bid: $12 (about half the normal selling price for two pounds - if the bidding goes over the cost of directly ordering from them, remember that it's for charity!)
Tags: offered: coffee, seller: telophase
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