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Box of Takoma Park

Interesting trinkets and organic delicacies from the place variously known as Berkeley East and the People's Republic of Takoma Park. Although the town is gentrifying away from its hippie roots, it still wears its liberal heart on its sleeve, and with several festivals every year (Jazz, Folk, Street Fair, Fourth of July parade/concert/fireworks), it remains a center of left wing culture.

Possible contents of this gift box might include:

  • organic (and if requested by the winner, vegan) goodies and locally-made soap from the Takoma Park-Silver Spring Co-Op
  • politically oriented tschotchkes, hand-crafted greeting cards, and/or baby/child toys from the gift shop Now and Then
  • beads from around the world from S&A Beads
  • a small musical instrument and/or a CD of a local band or artist from famous House of Musical Traditions
  • a logo water bottle or cap from local family diner/Korean restaurant Mark's Kitchen (where you can get mandoo and a green tea milkshake with your pancakes, if you want)
  • pet toys from the Big Bad Woof (if you like)
  • random publications, like a sample copy of the Takoma Voice
  • shipping-friendly items from the famous farmers market (honey or dried herbs or something are most likely at this time of year)

If the bidding goes high enough, other possibilities include T shirts from Mark's, the Co-Op, or vintage clothing store ReRun (you will need to let me know what size) or a children's cooperative game from Fair Day's Play.

Contact information: Send a PM via my LiveJournal (or let me know in a comment here that you need an alternative method of contact).

Delivery: dispatched by March 31, 2010.

Bidding starts at: $20.

Buy it now: $100.

Tags: offered: gift box, seller: chomiji
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